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Cybersecurity Law

Nearly every company is at cyber risk and needs to protect the privacy of its customers, clients, employees and colleagues. Addressing and mitigating cyber risk needs to be top of mind among companies regardless of industry or size. Reports of high-profile cyber-attacks make headlines almost every day, and the headlines confirm the reality: cyber-attacks are on the rise with unprecedented frequency, sophistication, and scale. They are pervasive across industries and geographical boundaries.

In the wake of more frequent and severe cyber incidents, regulators around the world have implemented changes to address these heightened risks. Amid increased exposure to such risks, companies need assistance in handling security breaches and preventing future cybersecurity threats.

We help our clients to establish necessary policies to secure its networks and data, assess network/data security and insurance coverage prior to an attack, and assist clients with all aspects of addressing and mitigating cyber risks and risks to data requiring protection by law.